Premium Brazilian Style Double Hammock with Universal Stand

Premium Brazilian Style Double Hammock with Universal Stand

Premium Brazilian Style Double Hammock with Universal Stand

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• Smaller copycat stands should not be trusted - This stand is genuinely "Universal,"
• Get the hammock and the stand as a package deal.
• Hammock with adequate room for two people (205kg limit)
• Excellent for balconies. (Stand measures 290cm in length and 122cm in width.)
• 75% Cotton threads were used to make this hammock.
• Hammock bed area (240cm long, 160cm wide)
• Strong supportive steel stand
• Stand supports non-spreader bar hammocks
• 3-minute no-tool stand assembly - Free Carrying bag included
• Exceptional bed replacement

As if our Premium Brazilian Style Double Hammock wasn't already luxurious enough, it now comes with a sturdy, high-quality hammock stand.

The tightly woven colorfast thread, which comes in a variety of gorgeous colours and colourful patterns, provides the same level of comfort and quality. Our Brazilian hammocks are handcrafted based on years of history and designed with your comfort in mind.

If you close your eyes and use your imagination, you can nearly envision yourself on a beach in Rio, taking in the sights and sounds of the South American paradise. While travelling to the Southern Hemisphere may be a stretch, your lightweight, small Brazilian hammock can accompany you wherever you go.

Another key to ultimate relaxation is the universal stand. It's made of high-quality, heavy-duty steel that's been coated to protect it from the elements including rain, heat, and cold. Mayan, Colombian, and Nicaraguan hammocks are also compatible.

All you need are three minutes and two hands to get your stand ready to use — no tools are necessary! Simply connect your hammock to each end or disconnect to grab and go on your next adventure!

You can always count on this duo to support you at the conclusion of a long day because they are sturdy, comfortable, and loyal.

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